My First Week at a New Internship

This past week marked the first three days of my new internship. When I submitted my application to Devine + Partners back in December, I never expected to actually get the job and be where I am today. I wanted to take a moment and put my experiences of my first week into words. 

Monday: Learning the Ropes

I rushed home Monday morning from my first and only class to hop on my first meeting of the new job. Excitement and nerves are all I remember feeling, and although I’ve been on hundreds of zoom calls in the past three years, the anxiety is still there every time I go to click a link and talk to someone new. Luckily, my supervisor is a Temple Alumna, and we have met on numerous occasions thanks to PRowl and PRSSA events we’ve both attended. Her and I having a connection already helped me feel more comfortable heading into this new position. 

Two hours later, the orientation call was over, and I was ready to get to work. Orientation taught me how to navigate platforms like Slack, so I felt more comfortable getting started on my tasks. The rest of the day was filled with paperwork and writing a “Get to Know Me” blog for the company’s website. 

Day one was over before I knew it. 

Wednesday: First Day in the Office and Go Birds!

Wednesday was a very exciting day at the D + P office. I got there around 11:30 and finally had the chance to meet all the senior staff. I felt welcomed, but the office was a little quiet. A few moments later, I was put right to work and was assigned to write a press release for a client; surprising me that they trusted me with such an important task so early on in my internship. Only an hour later, the silence was broken when someone yelled, “Who’s ready for a field trip!” We gathered our things and walked across the street in our business attire to the Eagles pep rally at the Comcast building. We took pictures, sang the fight song, and bonded as a team. It was an amazing first day in the office. If only every week could be Eagles Super Bowl week. 

Friday: Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings

TGIF. What felt like the longest week of school ever finally ended. It was zoom call after zoom call, but each one was valuable: an all-staff meeting where we did introductions and played a game, a meeting about blogs, and lastly, a meeting about social media. The staff we were introduced to got to tell us more about their careers, and they explained expectations for blogs and social media posts we will be crafting in the upcoming months. 

Overall, my first week at D + P was a success, and I’m so excited to continue learning and growing throughout this experience!

Jesse Taylor, Account Executive


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