Beating the Back to School Blues

Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase of going back to school has come to an abrupt end. With deadlines, agendas and pressures piling up it’s quite easing to find yourself with a case of the back to school blues. With that being said, the reality of the fall semester doesn’t have to be negative. Here are a few tips to help carry you through the semester:

1. Actively plan to prepare

The cause of stress for most students in college is staying on top of assignments, which is why I highly recommend getting a planner. Confession: I am a planner/organization junkie and I can’t make it a single day without my planner on hand. Allowing myself to visually see what needs to be done puts me in control; don’t have the extra stress of exams and papers directing your time. You know exactly what you have to do to prepare and once the tasks are completed, you have time for more important things (like yourself).

2. It’s about the little things

Yesterday I was talking to my mom over the phone and she paused our conversation to ask, “Are you looking forward to anything fun?” In that moment I realized I wasn’t enjoying myself because school was my primary focus. There’s nothing wrong with centralizing your attention on school but don’t forget to treat yourself. When fully appreciated, little things throughout your day can be very valuable. Grab a coffee before class, listen to your favorite podcast or enjoy dinner with friends (my personal favorite). No matter what “little things” you choose all that matters is that you’re providing yourself with little daily doses of happiness.

3. Communicate with yourself and those around you

You know yourself better than anyone, meaning you know what you need and when. Listen to that little voice inside your head: if you need a night in to sort out your agenda, that’s a-OK! But, if you feel as though you’ve been a hermit make sure you get yourself some sun. When you feel overwhelmed and out of place, it can change how you perceive others around you. Take a moment of your day to reach out to people. Call your cousin. Talk to the person who you sit next to in your 8 AM. Vent to your best friend. Anything! When you interact, you’re less likely to feel alone. Remember, everyone around you is probably stressed from the hustle and bustle of the semester. You can get through it together!

Don’t allow the back to school blues to set the tone for your semester. Here’s some food for thought: the things that are causing you stress and anxiety now probably aren’t going to matter once you graduate. Look at the big picture, and take one week at a time. I’ll be cheering all of you on!  

This blog post was written by Account Executive Olivia Bumgardner.

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