Conflict: Planning Organic PR Moments

Months ago, I purchased a ticket to the Lady Gaga concert at Wells Fargo Center and last week, I finally attended the show. While I was enjoying the performance (and not thinking about public relations) fans threw small gifts and letters onto the stage. At first I thought Gaga’s dancers would clean up the stage and walk off, but instead, the queen herself selected a note and read it to the packed stadium of nearly 20 thousand people.

In the moment, I thought this situation was unplanned and created a safe space for thousands of fans. It was beautiful to watch Gaga emotionally read a very personal letter from an adoring fan. The next day, I spoke about this moment with a friend who saw the show the previous night. It turns out, this same scenario happened at the first concert. After I found this out, it didn’t make the moment any less meaningful, but I did think about how Gaga strategically planned a fan letter reading during her concert.

From a public relations standpoint, Gaga creating time during her set is excellent client relations. Her message of fan appreciation is clearly shown through these intimate moments. After a quick Google search, there are also various articles from national and local publications praising Gaga for her realness. If I were Gaga’s publicist, I would be very proud of a simple tactic that harbors happy customers and good press. Regardless if some planning or premeditation went into the letter reading, the moment was memorable.

This blog post was written by Assistant Firm Director Marissa Reale.

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