Do you love a brand or the brand’s story?

Many aspects of an advertising and marketing plan go into the creation of a successful brand, but we as consumers tend to overlook what might be the most important part of the brand—its story.

Marketing and advertising professionals know that a consumer needs a brand’s perfectly designed digital presence before they will engage in a product or service. However, before any steps towards this can be taken, the professional will have an initial conversation with the company. In this meeting they will find out what the company’s mission is and how they can use that to relate to a potential consumer.

beetsOne of the benefits of this initial conversation is that it helps a professional think of the best possible way for the consumer to see what the company is about. A great example of this is Love Beets, a company that has dedicated its brand to “defying preconceived notions of beets with an upbeat, fun, modern brand and tasty products.” It also uses the phrase “stay true to your roots” on the website to promote a healthy, organic product. The professional who designed Love Beets’ logo, website and product labels used a very modern design that includes “organic” and “all natural” on the labels, so it is clear that the branding was tailored to an audience of health-conscious 20-30-year-olds. University’s “Temple Made” campaign is another example of how important a brand’s story
can be for a consumer. What’s unique about Temple Made is that it helps make a consumer’s dream seem as if it can become reality. Since Temple is one of many universities in the Philadelphia area, the creators of Temple Made used this rebranding strategy as a way to make Temple stand out to prospective students. Temple Made promotes the school as one that will teach its students to work hard to get what they want and become self-made. If a student is able to resonate with Temple’s mission, they have the potential to become Temple Made.

A brand’s story is fundamentally what gives a company the ability to relate to its consumer. No one understands this better than a marketing or advertising agency, and the Philadelphia based advertising agency LevLane found a unique way to relate to potential clients. The agency’s slogan is “Who loves ya?” because it’s focused on customer loyalty. It strives to become “a brand’s best friend,” and the photos of dogs on the website definitely help its case. LevLane recognizes that brands pay for advertisers to work their magic, but is it really worth the money if there’s a lack of communication between the agency and the client?


Communication is what drives a company. A company needs to communicate with its customers and advertising and marketing professionals are the ones creating new and innovative ways for this to happen.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Kristen VanLeer. 

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