Easy as Pie: How to Create a Blog Part 1

In the communications field, professors and industry moguls are always preaching about the benefits of blogging. However, the hardest part about blogs is actually making one. While the task may seem daunting, here is where you can start.


Content & Audience

The first step in creating a blog is deciding what the focus will be. Choose a topic that you feel passionate about—you want your blog posts to be engaging, rather than repetitive. Try not to narrow your topic down too much, but keep a general theme.

Allow your topic to have a niche audience, but don’t want to write posts that are so specific that your audience will be too narrow. The theme should give you wiggle room for a variety of different angles, and allow to attract a certain following.

For example, you shouldn’t dedicate your blog to college life since that’s too broad. However, you also don’t want to gear it towards college girls studying public relations at Temple University because that is too narrow. Instead, you could simply write about college life for girls.

Keeping your audience engaged in your posts can be tricky; you want your posts to be captivating and memorable. Include links, photos, videos, and gifs to keep your readers entertained while reading. If a post is lengthy, break it down into sections to keep a reader focused.

For my own blog, She Knows The Rules I wanted to write about sports. For my niche audience, I target female sports fans and athletes. Writing about sports from a female’s perspective allows me to attract a certain group of readers.

Blogging is a platform that allows you to create a community. Its purpose is to allow for personal expression. Capturing your audience’s attention may seem daunting, but with well-written and interesting posts a blog’s success can easily grow. This online portfolio of work can be key to landing your next career opportunity.

This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Clarissa Ford. 

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