Self-Discipline is Key!

As I move forward on my journey at college, I could not help but realize how important it is to be disciplined. You could  have the meanest writing style, perfect responses in classes or the best ideas but without discipline, these skills will not be enhanced. Discipline is truly key. Being disciplined can make things flow much easier in your life and it can make you become more motivated.

Most of my friends are currently seniors and everyday I listen to them complain about having “senioritis” and not being motivated in their last semester. Having discipline seems to be an issue for some college students. Hence, this blog post. Below are some key elements to build your self-discipline.

1. Understanding YOU-  To me, in order to be discipline, you truly need to understand who you are as an individual. What areas are you falling short in your life? What things are you procrastinating on doing? Firstly, answer these questions and it can give you a clearer understanding on where your head is at.

2. Knowing your priorities- If you don’t know your priorities, you really can’t be disciplined. Knowing your priorities in itself is a form of discipline. So therefore straighten your priorities and this can increase your self-discipline.

3. Make a schedule-  Scheduling your time is a perfect trait to have. When you make a schedule you are giving your self something to follow and in a timely manner. This can definitely increase your discipline.

4. Just Do IT!-  Yes Nike said it, Just do it! The more you keep putting things off is the more your self discipline deteriorates. Put your mind to it and complete your task. I promise you will feel a sense of relief and fulfillment when you complete your tasks.

5. Give yourself a reward- Every now and again we all need to give ourselves a little pat on the back. If you completed something in the time you allotted, guess what? You are being disciplined! So therefore reward yourself!

Are there any other ways you can build your self-discipline? Let us know!

1 thought on “Self-Discipline is Key!

  1. I love the tip about just doing it. It can be so easy to say, “I'll do it tomorrow” over & over & over. This can be a real problem for anyone in a franchise PR agency or a marketing agency.

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