Keep on Tippin’ On

So yes, I concede- I am an avid Perez Hilton reader. Call it my guilty pleasure. Well today, while checking up to make sure not another celeb has turned up pregnant or in rehab, I saw the headline “Waiters/Waitresses: Head to Philly!” Obviously, I read on.

Turns out, according to, “although 75% of surveyors cite poor service as their main complaint, Philadelphians are the most generous tippers in the nation, leaving 19.6% versus the countrywide average of 19.0%. In comparison, diners in New York City tip the average 19.0% and in Los Angeles they tip 18.4%.”

Way to go fellow Philadelphians!

Finally, some good coverage on Philadelphia! I believe we were named the most dangerous place to drive, and oh yes, my personal favorite- the ugliest city, but at least we have some courtesy at our diners and Steven Starr’s to leave some chunked change on the table! Take that Mr. and Mrs. 19% NYC.

1 thought on “Keep on Tippin’ On

  1. at least Camden as Philly beat with most dangerous.

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