When YOU Do the Interview…

When you’re working for your client, they may have special events that they want stories written about or they have a story idea that they feel should be in the media. In order to write this story, you will need to know more about what / who you’re writing about and will most likely need quotes to support your writing. Here are a few tips to get you started on some great writing:

– Research. Before you do any kind of interviewing, make sure you research both the topic of the story and who you are interviewing. You want to come into the interview with a strong knowledge of what you are writing about and the person you’re talking to.

– Questions. If you’re doing an interview, you’re going to be asking questions. Brainstorm question ideas and know what you are going to ask BEFORE you start asking. Be sure to check with your client to see if there is anything specific that should be asked and to make sure the questions you formulated are okay.

– Take notes. Make sure you bring either a notebook or a mini tape recorder with you so you don’t miss anything that is said. You may think that you have a good memory, but there may be little details that you missed.

– Smile. Be friendly. Nobody likes to be interviewed by a miserable person. Smile, shake their hand, thank them for letting you interview them, etc…

– Organize your thoughts and notes. After then interview, go back to your notes and look through them to find any really good things that may have come from the interview. Then, get all of your ideas together and start writing!

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