Tips & Tricks for Double Majors

If you are anything like me and have two separate passions, double majoring can be the perfect solution. With this choice, you take on DOUBLE the homework, DOUBLE the advising meetings and DOUBLE the classes needed to graduate…meaning the potential of extra time in school.

Though this is true, double majoring in dance and strategic communication has been so rewarding. Here are some tips on handling the stresses of two majors directly from a fellow double major herself.

1. Decide and declare EARLY ON

From the start of my freshman year of college I knew that I wanted to add another major in addition to dance. The performing arts field is super competitive and I wanted to have skills that would differentiate myself from others and prepare myself for another career option. Declaring early allowed me to create connections with my professors, meet friends in both majors and to finish college as quickly as possible.

2. Create a four year plan

A four year plan involves outlining specific courses you have to take certain semesters to finish school in four years. This proves helpful especially when registering for classes each semester. Whether you draw it out or do it online, this is a must do!

3. Meet with BOTH advisors

Meeting at least once a semester with both of my advisors has helped me plan my schedule to incorporate both programs and also talk about career options and opportunities in both fields. Advisors know when it is the best semester to take certain writing intensive classes combined with other courses and can give you an estimate on how the workload will be.

4. Take classes that cover requirements for BOTH

For my dance major, all of my elective credits are satisfied by my strategic communication major. If possible, use classes from one major to fit your other major. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

5. Time management is absolute KEY

I never realized how important time management was until I got to college. Planning out my week on Sundays and using a planner and phone calendar have all been very helpful tools. Scheduling time to complete homework for both majors and making room for extracurricular activities is key.

Double majoring definitely is not easy but it has been so rewarding to study both of my passions. Since I chose to double major, I will have two possible career paths and skills that set me apart from the competition in my job search. If you have multiple interests or passions, I encourage you to think about double majoring. I promise it’s DOUBLE the fun and you walk at graduation with DOUBLE the knowledge and skills.  You can do it!

This blog post was written by Junior Account Executive Marie McVeigh.

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