Making the Most of Your Education

Sometimes it can be difficult to be a college student. You may be working, balancing a full credit load and trying to keep your social life intact. Although you may find yourself temporarily overwhelmed, a college education will be worth it in the end. It will help you to secure a great job and future. That being said, it’s always wise to exhaust all of your options since you’re paying to be in school!

Here’s a list of ways you can make sure you’re getting the most for your tuition:

Are there student organizations that relate to your major(s)?

I joined two student organizations because I am a commuter student and wanted to make friends. I had no idea how much I would benefit from each pre-professional organization. Not only have I made friends, but I have learned more about the public relations industry and I strengthened my writing and communication skills.

Most organizations do not require a financial obligation, and you can apply what you’re learning in the classroom to a social setting for some down-time.


Consider declaring a double major, a minor and/or a concentration

As a double major, sometimes I wonder why I made the decision in the first place. But, I remember that I am paying the exact same amount in tuition, and I am making the most of my course selections. Usually, you declare a major and have general education classes and elective courses. Instead of choosing electives, I fulfilled by elective requirements with another major. This is the same for a minor or concentration. If you are considering any of these options, your academic advisor will become your best friend. They can help you determine the classes you need and ensure you will graduate on time.


Co Utilize On-Campus Resources

As a commuter I found myself rushing home freshman year to work on my assignments. I later realized I was silly to disregard all that a college campus has to offer. Although it may vary by school, most schools offer some basic resources that can be life savers.

  1. Technology Center: A room full of computers and printers to get work done any hour of the day? What else could you ask for?
  2. Your Personal Coffee Destination: Caffeine can work wonders and for me, Starbucks is my go-to. It’s always great to identify a place on campus to keep you caffeinated.
  3. Health & Counseling Services: Physical and mental health are extremely important! If you ever find yourself in need of some help, these services can help you to be your best self so you can work hard.

It may seem overwhelming to look into more things to do when your schedule is already limited. But, exploring these options can help make your life as a student less stressful and more productive.


This blog post was written by Assistant Firm Director, Joei DeCarlo. 

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