Summer Spotlight: Secretary

Hi Everyone! My name is Jill, coming to you from Staten Island, New York. I am a second-semester senior at Temple, studying public relations. I have been a part of PRowl since I was a Sophomore. I am currently serving as Secretary. PRowl has been a such a huge part of my growth as a PR student. It is so exciting that we will be celebrating 10 years!

Prior to the beginning of summer there was a huge uncertainty in my life. To intern or to not intern? Those who know me know that my answer is ALWAYS intern. Interning introduces you to hard skills, talented minds, and new perspective. However, after spending almost every semester and my last two summer’s interning, part of me needed a break to enjoy things other than an afternoon coffee, a hot-off- the-printer press release, and the excitement of a media hit. Yet, I did not want to be unproductive. After intern applications, interviews, and long conversations with professors, family, and friends – I finally gained some clarity. FREELANCE! Freelancing gave me the flexibility I was looking for, the chance to learn the nitty and gritty details of freelancing, and it keeps me both learning and contributing to a great agency. Last summer, I had the opportunity to intern with Flackable (Shout out to Temple Alum, @Brianhartpr). After staying in contact with Brian and his team of PR rockstars, they needed a PR gal, and I was interested in keeping my skills sharp.

While I am not working on Flackable assignments, I am enjoying every bit of sun before heading into my last semester at Temple and ultimately the working world. Thus far, I have ventured out on weekend trips to Lake George or the shore. I have connected with my athletic side and *tried* to hike. Miley Cyrus was right, life is a climb (a huge, uphill, 5-mile climb) but the view is great. Additionally, I got to see my home, NYC, in a new light – I took a trapeze class. Flying was fun; but, I’m happy I attend Temple and not circus school.

Summer seems to be coming to end quickly, less than two months until the beginning of the semester? Time flies! However, in a few weeks, I will be taking a family trip to Bermuda. Shortly after, I’ll be venturing to Belize, Honduras, the Cayman Islands, and Cozumel Mexico. YAY! In between working and having a “last summer before a 9-5 job” celebration, I made sure to secure a fall semester internship. My past internships have opened my eyes to how much PR has to offer. There are so many industries that we, as pre-professionals, can get involved in. While I may not be able to decide just yet where I want to be for the next 30+ years, I do have a strong interest in healthcare. I am so excited to further explore that interest this fall at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). I believe interning at CHOP will be rewarding, appropriately challenging, and an incredible learning experience. I look forward to contributing the children of CHOP, their families, and the greater Philadelphia community alike.

Keep up with me on Twitter: @Jillcurcio_ and Instagram: Jill_Curcio.

Connect with me on LinkedIn:

I am ALWAYS down for coffee, let’s chat!

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