Growth in the Unknown

In almost every situation of growth and personal development, a person is confronted with new tasks, new opportunities, or information that challenges old way of thinking and requires new effort. These things can cause people severe anxiety. To help calm your mind and build your confidence, remember these tips:

Negative self talk serves no purpose

Who you tell yourself you are is who you become. What you decide to fill your thoughts with is the kind of experience you will attract. By telling yourself, “there is nothing I cannot handle,” “I can find my dream job,”  “I can do my dream job,” “I can be happy today,” “I can be productive today.” These thoughts will start to cultivate a more powerful, positive, and productive perception of yourself.

Call out that fearful feeling for what it is

Your self-doubt is your complacency. The voice in your head that questions your ability to rise to these new challenges is your complacent and comfortable voice. Know that this feeling of doubt means you are taking steps to challenge yourself, be a little happier, learn a little more, be your best self, and have your best life.

Remember how you have risen to meet other challenges

Remember that you have felt this feeling before. When you graduated high school, became a college student, made new friends, studied abroad, started a new internship, you have been successful in the unknown before. You have evolved and grown through those experiences, and you can do it again.

Comparison is the thief of all joy

Rather than comparing what another has accomplished, focus relentlessly on your own journey. Instead of comparing, learn from the people who have what you want. Seek out these people; they are resources if you wish to use them as such. Ask them questions, follow some of their own practices, and take their advice.

It is those most adaptable to change that survive

Adapting to new environments and situations is a power we all have as human beings. There are skills and knowledge inside of you for these new tasks. Go to that networking event. Apply to that job. Travel to a new place. Start a new workout class. Meet new friends. Expand your world.

This blog post was written by PRowl Account Associate Chelsea D’Ortone.

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