On The PRowl For Important Leadership Lessons

Graduation is one week away, marking the end of my college and PRowl Public Relations career. The past four years have taught me a lot, but no single experience has affected my college career as much as being a staff member, account executive and director of finance of PRowl. During my time in the organization, and specifically during my time in leadership positions, I have learned three incredibly important lessons that are important for all budding leaders:

·         Accountability is Crucial: Personal and interpersonal accountability is very important for leaders and organizations. It is imperative to hold members of your organization or company responsible for their work and their actions. However, good leaders must always lead by example and hold themselves accountable. During my time as a leader in PRowl, I’ve been had to hold myself accountable to my fellow staff members, account members and superiors.

·         Build Relationships: Teams function best when they are bonded together by more than just work. A focus on interpersonal relationships produces a better social climate and increases motivation, which positively effects group output. Rewarding organization members with a treat and occasional opportunities for social interaction builds relationships between members and ultimately produces a more involved, happier team.

·         Servant Leadership: The purpose of leadership in a student organization is to serve members. This includes teaching important skills and lessons in practical and helpful way. Deadlines should be strict, but a leader should be understanding and flexible. I made it a point to never yell at my account members and to help them succeed both personally and professionally.

With that said, I want to take the opportunity to thank all the wonderful members of PRowl Public Relations and Temple PRSSA that helped teach me these important lessons. Thank you all for helping me grow both personally and professionally during these last few years and best of luck in all your future endeavors!

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