Organization and Time Management

Now that we are about a month into the semester, it’s that time where assignments and tests are coming full force. Organization and time management are very important all of the time, but they are especially important when you have a lot of things on your plate. Here are some tips to make sure you get everything done on time:

  • Get a planner, or some kind of calendar system. I personally use a weekly planner that I carry with me at all times, and a desk calendar for my room. When you get an assignment or you have a date that things are due, write it down! If physical calendars don’t work well for you, use an electronic calendar. Pretty much any e-mail provider also has a calendar function, and some even send you e-mails in advance of when something is due! Also be sure to write fun things down too, so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.
  • Make lists. You can make daily lists, weekly lists or even random lists of everything that you need to do. When you finish each task, cross it off. As you keep crossing things off the list, your stress level starts to go down too.
  • Take a deep breath. Things can definitely be overwhelming. Instead of panicking, use some kind of relaxation method: take a deep breath, close your eyes and count to ten, etc.
  • Get a jump start on things. If it’s possible, start things well ahead of the time they are due. It is especially a good idea of you have a handful of things due right around the same time. This way you’re not staying up all week trying to get papers done and studying for tests.

Just remember to calm yourself down and plan everything out, and hopefully you won’t be panicking too much!

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