Be Your Authentic Self

In June, I attended a Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield, England while I studied abroad. The conference had various sessions and keynote speakers that talked about how children in the United Kingdom get and use media. One topic I heard a lot during the sessions was the importance of children being authentic with their online … Continue reading Be Your Authentic Self

We Are the Twenty Percent!

In the world of business, ROI is everything. In order to increase your ROI, you need to ensure you are delivering the right message, to the right audience, through the correct channel. Online, there are seven types of audiences: altruists, selectives, passionates, connectors, trendspotters, provocateurs, and careerists.Of these consumers, only 20% are high sharers, active … Continue reading We Are the Twenty Percent!

The Social Celeb

When it comes to social media, how celebrities use their accounts is really no different than the rest of the world. However, their communities, reach and relevance is much more prevalent and on a much larger scale. When a celebrity tweets or makes a status update it is literally “heard” around the world. Celebrities can … Continue reading The Social Celeb

How Youtube Can Help Launch Your Career

We all know the Youtube world is growing rapidly. It has become the go-to site for visual how-to’s and entertainment. There have been many youtubers whose careers have launched because of their channels, and it can help public relations professionals as well. Below are ways that Youtube can help launch your PR career.1. Promote Yourself: … Continue reading How Youtube Can Help Launch Your Career

J.K. Rowling Gifts Harry Potter Fans with ‘Pottermore’

As fans of J.K. Rowling's famed series Harry Potter are both anticipating and dreading the last installment of the franchise, Rowling has announced the release date of 'Pottermore', June 23rd. Ten coordinates were sent to some of the many Harry Potter fan sites across the web with the instructions to insert the coordinates into … Continue reading J.K. Rowling Gifts Harry Potter Fans with ‘Pottermore’

Heineken Quenches Thirst for New Media

The Dutch brewing company Heineken's new advertising campaign has embraced the newer, nontraditional methods of reaching younger audiences through digital and social media. The campaign, "Open your world," initially began running on Web sites in December, before ever hitting the television waves three months later.In an article from the New York Times, reporter Stuart Elliot … Continue reading Heineken Quenches Thirst for New Media

Guerrilla Marketing Sensations

Everyone loves guerrilla marketing tactics. They're outrageous, unexpected, creative and ridiculously successful at generating a buzz for your product. They cost little money and are a thousand times more effective at capturing the attention of consumers over standard advertising. I have had the opportunity to help generate stunts for student organizations that I'm involved in … Continue reading Guerrilla Marketing Sensations

Do You Follow the Cheese?

Last night, my professor showed a short animated video to my class. The video seemed a bit silly at first, but the message behind it is a pertinent one. The video is based on Spencer Johnson's book Who Moved My Cheese? The story follows two mice and two little people on their search for "cheese." … Continue reading Do You Follow the Cheese?

New to Twitter: Israel

This week, the country Israel acquired the user name @israel on Twitter.This speaks volumes for the growth of social media in general--and especially for Twitter. According to an article by Raphael Minder and Ethan Bronner in the New York Times, this move was "intended to help Israel exercise more influence over its image."The user name … Continue reading New to Twitter: Israel

Break Through the Clutter on YouTube

In my two years as Firm Director of PRowl Public Relations I have seen a drastic increase in our focus on social media for our clients. While some of our first client work relied heavily on traditional media relations and hitting-the-streets community outreach, we quickly began adding blogger outreach, Twitter and Facebook development, and interactive … Continue reading Break Through the Clutter on YouTube