Typos, Do They Really Matter?

In the era of tiny keyboards and social media, flying thumbs and emoticons, typos are inevitable, but do they really matter?For any type of public relations professionals that answer is yes. For example, take a look at the recent Mitt Romney campaign misspell disaster. The campaign team unveiled a new iPhone app that led off with … Continue reading Typos, Do They Really Matter?

Blogging Basics

Being the Director of PR for PRowl Public Relations, one of my responsibilities is to maintain this very blog! With that being said, staff members often come to me, unsure of what exactly a blog post entails. In reality, there is not a very strict right or wrong when blogging. That's the great thing about … Continue reading Blogging Basics

Resumania: Standing Above the Rest at #PRSSANC

During this year's PRSSA National Conference, I was one of the lucky few attendees to be randomly selected to attend an exclusive resume critique. The critique allowed students to sit at a table with one to two additional students, and receive personalized feedback from experienced professionals in the industry.I had the opportunity to speak with … Continue reading Resumania: Standing Above the Rest at #PRSSANC

15 Minute Writing Makeover

Between classes and extracurricular activities our to-do list as PR students may seem never ending, so finding time to work on our writing skills each day can be challenging.However, Samantha Hosenkamp of Ragan.com says you can improve your writing by taking 15 minutes each day to do this challenge:1. Take a minute to brainstorm three … Continue reading 15 Minute Writing Makeover

Prioritizing Perfection

Being in the Public Relations field, its hard to swallow that sometimes perfect isn't always the best. Whether we're writing a press release, a blog post, or an e-mail blast, we want every word to come across precisely the way we want it to, without any disconnect. But is it worth it to spend all … Continue reading Prioritizing Perfection

How Thou Shalt Write An Excellent Press Release

As a Public Relations major, I have been thrown into the world of writing for the media and throughout my several writing intensive classes I have learned how to successfully write news advisories, broadcast releases, and letters to the editor. However, most importantly, I have learned how to write press releases. Every public relations class … Continue reading How Thou Shalt Write An Excellent Press Release

What’s in Your Email Signature Line?

We have all seen them. Those annoying email signatures that take up more space than the email itself, with crazy fonts and colors, irrelevant quotes from past leaders and crazy clip art inserts. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my email signature and it has certainly evolved from my freshman year's:Niki IanniFuture … Continue reading What’s in Your Email Signature Line?

Short, Sweet, and to the Point

Have you ever watched a speech on the news and thought to yourself, "Huh?!" Many times, this is because communications specialists fail to think of their audience. Writing a speech in a concise and easily understood manner is effective, both for the speaker and the listener. The speaker will sound much more confident in their … Continue reading Short, Sweet, and to the Point