Help Me, I’m Stuck

As a member of the executive board, I am responsible for publishing a blog post every two weeks. This is a simple task, but sometimes I find myself struggling for inspiration. There are times I feel like I keep running into a brick wall when brainstorming for thoughtful ideas. I am dedicating this blog post … Continue reading Help Me, I’m Stuck

Bypassing Writer’s Block

If you are having trouble finding something to put on paper or formulating words to create a sentence, you are experiencing writer's block. I could agree and say experiencing the inability to write a paper probably knocked on every professional writer and non-writer's door at least once and according to research, most times it stems … Continue reading Bypassing Writer’s Block

5 Ways To Prevent Writer’s Block

Public relations and writing go together like math and science, you can't do one without encountering the other. But when it's time to write that perfect pitch or media advisory, writer's block is the last thing you want to deal with. Here are 5 quick and easy tips to prevent writer's block:1. Write Daily: If you … Continue reading 5 Ways To Prevent Writer’s Block