Big Bro Big Sis

Community service. Volunteering. Giving back. Charity work. These are all phrases that we are told to do, because we can help both ourselves and others. Many groups and organizations require x number of hours of such work a year, or a semester. And so many of us groan and complain and do the minimum because … Continue reading Big Bro Big Sis

How volunteering can benefit your career

Events are a common occurrence in the world of public relations. Therefore, volunteer opportunities will consistently emerge for both students and established professionals. Although there may not be a foreseeable long term benefit to volunteering at an event, you never know who might be there or what opportunities may pop up. Many view volunteering as … Continue reading How volunteering can benefit your career

Give a Little: How you can Start your Career in Non-Profit PR

As an aspiring PR professional, there are many fields that you can chose to gain experience in. Do you enjoy helping others? Are you passionate about fighting for social justice? If so, non-profit public relations may be the field for you. Some people chose fashion/entertainment PR, others chose agency, but if you answered yes to … Continue reading Give a Little: How you can Start your Career in Non-Profit PR

Make the Most of Your Internship-less Summer

Summer used to be synonymous with lazy days by the pool, barbecues and copious amounts of Philadelphia water ice. But for college students, summer takes on a whole new meaning: internship season.   However, not everyone can land their dream internship this summer.  The sting of what feels like a missed opportunity can be discouraging.  … Continue reading Make the Most of Your Internship-less Summer

Feed me Flyers!

Sunday I worked my second Flyers Wives For Lives Carnival and this year I had a new perspective as a volunteer selling out 4,000 Mystery Bags.  Flyers Charities did a great job organizing and informing hundreds of much needed volunteers showing how a small organization can run a successful event raising over one million dollars … Continue reading Feed me Flyers!

How I Found My PR Way: Tree House Books

When I registered for my US Society Gen-Ed class, Education in the Global City, my last expectation of the class was to find the field of PR that I wanted to work in. As a requirement of our class, we needed 1 hour per week of fieldwork in an urban education setting and I decided … Continue reading How I Found My PR Way: Tree House Books

Volunteering: A Resume Booster

I have found myself abnormally busy this semester with many of my new job titles, leadership positions, classes and a pending job search. I decided to finally admit I'm human for a change and realized that I had way too many responsibilities to fully dedicate myself to an internship. To fill up what little free … Continue reading Volunteering: A Resume Booster

Volunteering for Events

PRowl Public Relations staff members have encouraged students to volunteer. Volunteering at an organization or an agency is a great way to gain experience in public relations without having an internship. Even if you do have an internship, volunteering is a way to gain additional experience on the side. Volunteering for events allows you to … Continue reading Volunteering for Events