What’s the deal with unpaid internships?

And why isn’t anyone talking about them? Let’s face it, as working professionals we’ve all been in this boat before, questioning whether or not it is feasible to take an unpaid internship to further our careers in a positive way. Should we take an unpaid internship for exposure? For the byline? Or for future opportunities? … Continue reading What’s the deal with unpaid internships?

To Pay or Not to Pay the Interns…

That is the question still being debated today. Over the last few years the debate about paying interns has increasingly heated up, with the first story breaking in 2010 when two interns won the lawsuit they filed against 20thCentury Fox for not being paid a proper salary while working on the Black Swan film set. … Continue reading To Pay or Not to Pay the Interns…

The Death of the Unpaid Intern

Last week, The Atlantic Wire posted an article that questioned if the days of unpaid internships are numbered. Two interns who worked on the movie Black Swan sued 20th Century Fox for not paying them a proper salary...and won. You can read more about the details of the lawsuit here. While that’s an amazing outcome … Continue reading The Death of the Unpaid Intern

The TRUTH About Unpaid Interns

Last week, PR Daily posted this article featuring 5 things not to expect from an unpaid intern. The article basically tells internship coordinators and PR pros who will work with these interns to brace themselves. It describes unpaid interns as slackers who won't be motivated to be great interns if they aren't being paid to … Continue reading The TRUTH About Unpaid Interns