This Week’s Twitter Top 10

While reading this week I found an interesting article, a list of the Top 10 Twitter topics for this week. I found it especially interesting that BP was not on this list. After this week's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and BP's role, I am surprised they didn't make the list, and … Continue reading This Week’s Twitter Top 10

Is your resume ready?

With graduation around the corner it is time to dust off your resume and start making some adjustments. After looking at several peers' resumes, analyzing my own and researching resume tips I think mine is finally ready! This leaves me ready to start the hardest part, the job search! Here are a few tips I … Continue reading Is your resume ready?

Who do you plan on being in an elevator with?

Last semester I had a professor who really stressed the importance of having an elevator pitch ready for any networking opportunity. Having a quick and concise several statement pitch can come in handy when you least expect it. I found a great article on that gives 5 great tips for creating an elevator pitch. … Continue reading Who do you plan on being in an elevator with?

Liquor Ban Affects One Brand Badly

I recently read a very interesting article on which spoke about the public relations Star Industries did for Majorska Vodka. This brand of vodka recently received a lot of media coverage as a result of the New York Jets not selling alcohol at their January 3, 2010 game.A press release was sent out stating … Continue reading Liquor Ban Affects One Brand Badly

Tiger Woods Should Stick to Golf

Golf superstar Tiger Woods has been in the public eye for over a week now dealing with rumors of his mysterious early morning car accident, cheating accusations and lack of a coherent response. In other words, right now Woods is in the midst of a public relations nightmare. Media outlets all over the nation, from … Continue reading Tiger Woods Should Stick to Golf

Re-branding in a Tough Economy

Is a burger the new golden ticket to make a restaurant stand out in today’s economy? Nation-wide chain, Denny’s, seems to think so. While normally only known for their senior citizen specials and breakfast menu, the company has decided to create a brand for the other meals served throughout the day. After traveling the country, … Continue reading Re-branding in a Tough Economy

"Mad Men" + Banana Republic A Successful Partnership?

After a successful run of window displays with Bloomingdale's for the show's second season, AMC's hit series "Mad Men" has moved on to partner with clothing store Banana Republic. The stores will feature a month of in-store promotion for the TV series leading up to the premier of the show's third season, according to an … Continue reading "Mad Men" + Banana Republic A Successful Partnership?