Japan’s Nuclear Power Plant Heroes Don’t Need Robots

The Tokyo Electric Power Company workers continue to put their lives in jeopardy in an effort to prevent a meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. There’s no question these selfless workers are heroes. But what is questionable, is why a country that is so technologically advanced would not have their power plants equipped … Continue reading Japan’s Nuclear Power Plant Heroes Don’t Need Robots

Can You Be a Social Media Pro without Personal Accounts?

Many people are labeling themselves as social media pros these days, using it as a marketing advantage in a stiff job market. But what does it really mean to be an expert in social media? Would you still consider someone a social media pro if he or she wasn’t personally active on social media sites?As … Continue reading Can You Be a Social Media Pro without Personal Accounts?

Thrash is Free!

The NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers, in hopes of drawing more attention to their team’s recent success, launched an over-the-top campaign to boost ticket sales. The team’s mascot, Thrash (after Georgia’s state bird “Thrasher”) stole a Zamboni, drove it along the Georgia interstate, was arrested for doing so and thrown in jail. His bail was put at … Continue reading Thrash is Free!

Why Traditional Media Will Never Die

There has been a pronounced debate as to whether traditional media is threatened by internet-based communications, or whether it can stand its ground and endure in a digital world. Public relations practitioners have been challenged by the explosion of the internet and social media sites. Traditional media continues to reach large audiences for public relations … Continue reading Why Traditional Media Will Never Die

Where is Public Relations Headed?

There is no doubt that in the past few decades the internet has transformed the way public relations professionals do their jobs. Lately, social media has been leaving its footprint on the PR field as well. Mashable interviewed 14 PR pros on the future of public relations and how they see social media changing the … Continue reading Where is Public Relations Headed?

Rebirth of the Passenger Rail in the U.S.

The Obama Administration is pursuing a high speed rail in the U. S. so that Americans can ride sleek 220 mph bullet trains, like the ones already popular in Europe and Asia. The Administration wants to improve Amtrak trains as well so that they too will move faster. The new network will cost billions, meaning … Continue reading Rebirth of the Passenger Rail in the U.S.

SS United States, the Next Historic Attraction

A huge public relations effort awaits as the SS United States Conservancy has secured the funding it needs to purchase the SS United States and begin redevelopment and refurbishing plans. The money for the purchase comes from a donation by Philadelphia philanthropist H. F. “Gerry” Lenfest.If everything goes accordingly, the opening of the ship will … Continue reading SS United States, the Next Historic Attraction

Mexico is Buying U.S. Out

Do you know who owns Thomas’ English Muffins, The New York Times newspaper, and Saks Fifth Avenue? - Mexican corporations. Mexican investors are taking advantage of low interest rates and diminished prices during the economic downturn in the United States. They are buying U.S. brand names, expanding their U.S. operations, and increasing their investments in … Continue reading Mexico is Buying U.S. Out

Fake BP Twitter Account Sheds Dark Comical Light on Oil Spill

A satirical Twitter feed called @BPGlobalPR is making news for its clever, but often dark tweets. The Twitter account is entirely fictional, although it has confused and outraged some who mistook it for the real deal. To many others, however, the account is amusing and helps take some of the focus off the current catastrophe. … Continue reading Fake BP Twitter Account Sheds Dark Comical Light on Oil Spill

The Socialization of Microsoft

In their next version of their Office suite, Microsoft has redefined its product to encompass the growing global demand for collaborative and social features. Microsoft Office 2010 will bring competition to Google Docs and Zoho, which enable users to access their documents from anywhere. These days it’s critical to cater to users’ lifestyles, which don’t … Continue reading The Socialization of Microsoft