Vacationing in Pakistan

Terrorists. Drone strikes. Al-Qaida. These are some of things that may come to mind when you hear the name Pakistan, but what about food, scenery, and ancient ruins? My family is from Pakistan and I’ve been there to visit almost every year. The first thing I can tell you is that you’ll never find better … Continue reading Vacationing in Pakistan

Irrive, The New Way To Travel Socially

Have you heard of the new social site which allows you to "weave all of your tweets, posts and check-ins into a sharable story"? Steve Cohn, founder of Living Social, who has since sold the company is beta testing a website called Irrive. Irrive, is a visual story of your travel. It views like a … Continue reading Irrive, The New Way To Travel Socially

GPTMC Dishes It Up on Foodspotting

As a self-proclaimed "foodie-in-training," it's no surprise an app like Foodspotting would capture my interest and appetite. Started in 2009 and launched in January 2010, the guide was created to help users not only decide where to eat, but what to eat through its rating system and photo-sharing capabilities. Since its launch in 2010, more … Continue reading GPTMC Dishes It Up on Foodspotting