Four need-to-know tips for time management

As a college student with a job, internship and full class schedule, I know how hard it can be to manage your time. That is why I have created this list of ways to ease the stress of rushing around and managing your time effectively. Here are things I do in order to manage my … Continue reading Four need-to-know tips for time management

Email Is Still King

Like everything else, public relations is a business. And in any business, communication is key. Although email is not hip compared to the social media tools of our time, email still rules in business communication. Email is vital to the success of a business and aspiring PR pros should know that email should is their number … Continue reading Email Is Still King

We All Have to Grow Up Sometime

By the time college is over, we have entered into our early 20s.  Some of us may continue on to further schooling, while others venture out into the real world. Seeking the “perfect” job becomes our number one priority, which then leads to us hopefully living our perfect lives. Twenty-five becomes that magic number. When we … Continue reading We All Have to Grow Up Sometime