Nuts for the Nutshell

One of the first emails the student body received at the beginning of the new school year from Temple University was from the “Nutshell.” Like many, I was intrigued when this appeared in my inbox on my iPhone. The unfamiliar name and catchy subject line led me to read on. The Nutshell described itself as … Continue reading Nuts for the Nutshell

Planning for the #Popeageddon

The Pope is coming! The Pope is coming!  College students throughout Philadelphia have been anxiously awaiting the historical Papal visit. Not so much to attend the World Meeting of Families and surrounding events, but because of the uncertainty of getting in, out, and around the city. In terms of mobility and accessibility, many students feel … Continue reading Planning for the #Popeageddon

Understanding How The Owls Took Charge

The Super Bowl is the biggest night in network television. Billions of families across America tune in to watch the most exciting football game of the season. The day consists of men yelling at the TV, Pinterest-inspired snacks, Buffalo wings, an over-the-top halftime show and commercials that will be buzzed about for weeks to come. … Continue reading Understanding How The Owls Took Charge

Welcome to the 2014-2015 Executive Board!

It is hard to believe that this year is coming to an end. Over the past two semesters, I have watched the firm grow into something spectacular. There have been ups, and there have been downs but I wouldn't have it any other way. This year's e-board has been there through it all with me … Continue reading Welcome to the 2014-2015 Executive Board!

CSR: The Good, The Bad and The Laugh-Worthy

A wildly successful Saturday at the Temple University Invitational: A Taste of Philly PR left me with new knowledge, connections and inspiration. One particular session stuck with me and I'm hoping you'll see why. Scott Tattar, a local PR professional with over 30 years of experience including working for Ketchum, owning his own firm and … Continue reading CSR: The Good, The Bad and The Laugh-Worthy

Crisis Communication Crash & Burn

Employee scandals. Illegal activity. Product recalls. These, and more, are all things that call for crisis communication. Temple University recently announced the cancellation of seven sports teams and has found itself in the midst of a situation that could use a lot of crisis communication.  While an initial announcement was made, there has been a lot … Continue reading Crisis Communication Crash & Burn


It seems that nothing is a more effective marketing tool than guerrilla social networking. A perfect example would be the explosion of the #TU101 hashtag on Twitter last Sunday, July 7th. The hashtag was started by a rising senior who thought it would be a great idea to start a conversation on things to know … Continue reading #TU101

College Football and the PR Pro

On Saturday, Temple lost to one of it's biggest rivals in football, Penn State. While this was definitely a blow for us, there are a couple lessons we can take from the college football game, thanks to "What college football teaches us about PR":The coach/CEO sets the tone: think of all of your favorite teams, … Continue reading College Football and the PR Pro

A Social Approach to Education

Higher education is no stranger to new ideas, and social media is quickly becoming a primary way for students to keep up with the realm of academia. Most universities now have at least one Twitter account to help engage and communicate with their publics.Temple University is at the forefront of this social media movement and … Continue reading A Social Approach to Education