Stay Sharp over the Summer

Summer is the season to relax and enjoy your long-awaited free time. Even if you landed the internship of your dreams or just purchased your plane ticket to Cancun, you should still use these months to fine-tune your reputation as a soon-to-be pro. That way, when the new semester comes, you will be sharper than … Continue reading Stay Sharp over the Summer

Dressed to Impress (In the Hot, Hot Heat)

During the summer, I think we can all agree that "business casual" begins a little more difficult. Your skirt is skinning to your skin, your blazer is completely useless, and those black men's dress shoes are attracting the sun right to you. Commutes become a nightmare as you walk into the office with your hair … Continue reading Dressed to Impress (In the Hot, Hot Heat)

Make it a PRoductive Summer

Happy summer! It’s incredible to see the dramatic difference in our availability as students when you eliminate a full class schedule. Perhaps you’ve made plans to intern, travel, or work this summer, or perhaps you’ve made plans to simply relax! Either way, it’s easy to incorporate PR building into your summer season. Here’s a few … Continue reading Make it a PRoductive Summer

Lazy Hazy Summer PR

It’s no secret. Work during the summer can sometimes be a drag. However, public relations is a profession that never sleeps. If you experience a hot summer day where you just want to stay inside in your pajamas with a glass of lemonade, that’s understandable. There are still a few simple things you can do … Continue reading Lazy Hazy Summer PR

Summer Internship: Is It Too Late to Find One?

The simple answer is no. It is not too late to find a summer internship. Summer does not technically begin until June 21 so there is still time! While it might be too late to receive school credit for one, if you are looking to gain first hand experience in the PR industry, start searching … Continue reading Summer Internship: Is It Too Late to Find One?

Social Media Savvy for the Summer

The time has finally come! Finals are over and all of your grades are almost in. You're ready to hit the beach and begin your summer vacation but before you start packing your suit, step back and think about how you are going to stay relevant in the public relations realm this summer break. If … Continue reading Social Media Savvy for the Summer

So Long Sweet Summer… Internship

It’s hard to believe how fast this summer has gone. With most summer internships coming to an end, it is time to prepare for going back to school. It is the prime time for stocking up on school essentials and to start regretting that morning class you registered for. Although it may seem like you … Continue reading So Long Sweet Summer… Internship

Summer; Your Time To Get Ahead

Classes are out and you are just starting to get comfortable at your new internship or job. Between work, the beach and other travels you probably haven’t set much time aside to think about your plans for next fall. Although the fall semester seems far down the road in your summertime mindset, it is actually … Continue reading Summer; Your Time To Get Ahead

How To Keep Up With PR Over The Summer

Summer is now in full swing, and it’s a time for old friends, vacation, and relaxation, but also a time for work. While many of my fellow public relations friends have taken on internships in the city or are studying abroad, I have returned to my hometown where I am working at a local restaurant. … Continue reading How To Keep Up With PR Over The Summer