PR At The Shore

I grew up at the shore and this summer I was lucky enough to get my old job back at Ocean City Coffee Company (OCCC), and still intern in the city during the week.  Going into my senior year, I have had a lot of experience with public relations.  When the manager of OCCC, Aubrey … Continue reading PR At The Shore

5 Tips For Closing A Summer Internship

You’ve landed the internship and gained experience, so now what? As the last day of our internships appears in our planners, it is important to take the necessary steps to exit professionally. Remember interns come and go; it is time to get strategic about leaving a lasting impression. Below are five tips on how to … Continue reading 5 Tips For Closing A Summer Internship

Summer Internship Fashion

So, we have posted a blog directing our readers in the most fashionable way when it comes to dressing to impress for your summer internship interview. Although the first impression is most dreaded, some may wonder how to upkeep their professional and cool look all summer long. Philadelphia is no stranger to summer heat waves, … Continue reading Summer Internship Fashion

How To: Make The Most of Your Summer Internship

Whether it is your first, second, or third internship, it’s important to know how to make the most out of a summer job. I have had many internships and jobs in the past where some were quite busy while others...not so much. Here are some helpful tips to cater to both busy and slow internships.  … Continue reading How To: Make The Most of Your Summer Internship

The Death of the Unpaid Intern

Last week, The Atlantic Wire posted an article that questioned if the days of unpaid internships are numbered. Two interns who worked on the movie Black Swan sued 20th Century Fox for not paying them a proper salary...and won. You can read more about the details of the lawsuit here. While that’s an amazing outcome … Continue reading The Death of the Unpaid Intern

Make the Most of Your Internship-less Summer

Summer used to be synonymous with lazy days by the pool, barbecues and copious amounts of Philadelphia water ice. But for college students, summer takes on a whole new meaning: internship season.   However, not everyone can land their dream internship this summer.  The sting of what feels like a missed opportunity can be discouraging.  … Continue reading Make the Most of Your Internship-less Summer

Summer Internship: Is It Too Late to Find One?

The simple answer is no. It is not too late to find a summer internship. Summer does not technically begin until June 21 so there is still time! While it might be too late to receive school credit for one, if you are looking to gain first hand experience in the PR industry, start searching … Continue reading Summer Internship: Is It Too Late to Find One?

So Long Sweet Summer… Internship

It’s hard to believe how fast this summer has gone. With most summer internships coming to an end, it is time to prepare for going back to school. It is the prime time for stocking up on school essentials and to start regretting that morning class you registered for. Although it may seem like you … Continue reading So Long Sweet Summer… Internship

Cost vs. Benefit: Choosing the Right Internship

After applying for several internships, I expect to not get every job. But what if I get more than one offer? How will I decide which one is best for me? First and foremost, give yourself dates. Decide when you will stop applying for internships and when you will make a decision as to which … Continue reading Cost vs. Benefit: Choosing the Right Internship

Here Come the Summer…Internships!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been looking forward to the summer. Long sunny days, time with the family, no classes, and most important…. summer internships! Why do an internship when you can lie on the beach all day? Well, internships have invaluable experience and connections that cannot be learned in a classroom. You’ll most … Continue reading Here Come the Summer…Internships!