Finals season: Don’t stress!

Finals. The week we all have been anxiously waiting for. But since they are right around the corner I cannot help but feel the sudden sense of urgency from my fellow peers. The TECH Center constantly being crowded. Breakout rooms booked for the next three weeks. The scattered emails from students in your huge lectures … Continue reading Finals season: Don’t stress!

Too blessed to be stressed

As we approach our fourth week of school and our internships and organizations begin to take off, some of us may already be feeling the build up of a stressful semester. A new semester means new opportunities to do well and succeed, but when stress starts to become too much, it’s time for us to … Continue reading Too blessed to be stressed

Answering “How is the job search going?” and other awkward questions during summer break

Summer break is a time for rest and relaxation, but it isn’t completely stress-free. One of the greatest stressors of the sunny season is the barrage of questions from family members and friends who are dying to know answers to their inquiries that you might not know yourself. These questions can blindside you at barbecues, … Continue reading Answering “How is the job search going?” and other awkward questions during summer break

Managing Your Time And Stress As The Year Wraps Up

Spring semester finals have always been rough. The weather is warming up outside, and no one has any desire to dedicate time to studying. No time spent studying means stressing over feeling unprepared for finals, which, for me means wanting to relax and just watch some Netflix. That means I’m not studying and I’m feeling … Continue reading Managing Your Time And Stress As The Year Wraps Up

Unconventional Stress Relief Tips

     If you Google “stress relief”, thousands of articles will come up with suggestions you've been hearing from your mom since middle school: get a good night’s rest, eat healthy, etc.      However, as PR majors, our lives become so hectic, oftentimes, these helpful tips are not enough to keep a crisis at … Continue reading Unconventional Stress Relief Tips

Declutter Your Life

At this point of the year, your brain is full to bursting with knowledge you may or may not ever use again (unless you're taking all PR classes, then you're just bursting with fabulous knowledge you'll be grateful for forever)--am I right? Before you have an inevitable mental breakdown, let me offer you some tips … Continue reading Declutter Your Life

Finding A Balance: Your Personal Trapeze Act

As PR students, each and every one of us loves to stay busy – we know what we’re getting into. Just because we like the fast life of tackling assignments, scheduling interviews, spending hours in the office, working late at events, and studying for classes, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t catch up to us sometimes. … Continue reading Finding A Balance: Your Personal Trapeze Act

Don’t Forget About R&R

Some of the most successful public relations students I know are also some of the busiest.  They're juggling multiple student organizations, full class loads, internships, and jobs.  Sometimes there is even more thrown into the mix.  While being busy can help you learn how to manage your time, it can also be a ticking bomb.  … Continue reading Don’t Forget About R&R

Advice For The End Of The Rope

As PR professionals, we are known for wanting to get things done right, in a timely manner, the first time around. What this usually boils down to is us exclaiming "I can just do it better myself." Before we know it, we are sitting under a pile of stress, operating like a robot, getting through the day on … Continue reading Advice For The End Of The Rope

Overwhelmed? Overcome it!

For most of us college students, today marks the end of our first week back on campus. We still haven't mastered our schedules, are most definitely sleep deprived and still have textbooks to purchase. It all can seem, well - a bit overwhelming. Stress and time management are common themes in the world of academia. … Continue reading Overwhelmed? Overcome it!