Managing Your Time And Stress As The Year Wraps Up

Spring semester finals have always been rough. The weather is warming up outside, and no one has any desire to dedicate time to studying. No time spent studying means stressing over feeling unprepared for finals, which, for me means wanting to relax and just watch some Netflix. That means I’m not studying and I’m feeling … Continue reading Managing Your Time And Stress As The Year Wraps Up

Unconventional Stress Relief Tips

     If you Google “stress relief”, thousands of articles will come up with suggestions you've been hearing from your mom since middle school: get a good night’s rest, eat healthy, etc.      However, as PR majors, our lives become so hectic, oftentimes, these helpful tips are not enough to keep a crisis at … Continue reading Unconventional Stress Relief Tips

Burnout Season

If you're anything like me, finals season can be quickly followed up by burnout season. After the end of a long and taxing semester it's easy to still feel wound up, stressed out, and overall exhausted. After all, if you're interning, freelancing, or on an executive board for an organization at your school you know … Continue reading Burnout Season

Find Your Balance

Wake-up. Internship. Class. Meeting. Class. Work. Night class. Homework. Sleep. Repeat. Does this sound familiar? This seems to be the normal schedule for many public relations majors. We are the type-A, really busy students that somehow find time to breathe. It is great because we are ambitious and driven, but sometimes we need a break … Continue reading Find Your Balance

The Final Countdown

Have no fear fellow stressed out students, the end is near.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Between final projects, final presentations, and final exams you don’t know where to begin to tackle your workload.    If you are anything like me, you are sitting in classes thinking about your … Continue reading The Final Countdown

Declutter Your Life

At this point of the year, your brain is full to bursting with knowledge you may or may not ever use again (unless you're taking all PR classes, then you're just bursting with fabulous knowledge you'll be grateful for forever)--am I right? Before you have an inevitable mental breakdown, let me offer you some tips … Continue reading Declutter Your Life