Wall Street’s #1 Rule: Always Disclose!

Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a civil suit against Goldman Sachs, one of the leading investment firms on Wall Street, and one of its former employees, claiming the bank defrauded investors by creating a mortgage scheme designed to collapse and eventually fail. The SEC says Goldman enabled John Paulson, a hedge fund … Continue reading Wall Street’s #1 Rule: Always Disclose!

Steps to Success Start with Strategy

Far too often, organizations begin public relations, social media or publicity efforts without taking the proper amount of time or dedication to create a well executed strategy. If you don’t have one, how do you know that what you’re doing actually works? It's not necessary to spend several months developing the perfect plan. However, take … Continue reading Steps to Success Start with Strategy

Helpful Blog Tips!

In today's technology-driven world, blogs must fight for attention and time against conventional media news outlets and the intensifying expansion of social media. With this in mind, many PR firms must consider electronic media when contemplating the best way to appeal to their audience. Bloggers are not usually reporters and do not practice the same … Continue reading Helpful Blog Tips!

When Crisis Communication Is Needed In The Office

By now, I'm sure you have heard or read about the David Letterman scandal. Sure, these allegations make for an increase of ratings, widespread water cooler chats and some interesting points of view about the CBS funny man. But all jokes and opinions aside, what happens after the release of these statements and fingers are … Continue reading When Crisis Communication Is Needed In The Office

Twitter is Everywhere

In these technological days, it is safely said that Twitter now plays a significant role in public relations. When I first heard about the social networking site, I was somewhat skeptical. I became convinced that Twitter is a lasting networking tool while watching the University of Oklahoma women's basketball team’s recent run to the Final … Continue reading Twitter is Everywhere

Can Social Media Save Retail?

In a blog that I recently read, the focus was social media. How can it affect your consumer's understanding of your brand? What is its importance? Here are a few tips that I gathered from the entry. Build a community. JC Penney's was the lead example of how to promote interaction between your audiences. With … Continue reading Can Social Media Save Retail?

Celebrity Endorsements in Politics: Helpful or Hurtful?

As I browsed through PerezHilton.com today, I noticed another public service announcement from a bunch of A- and B-list celebrities. The basic purpose of it is to motivate those who are registered to vote. A few days ago, I came across a picture (or an obvious photo-op) of two reality television stars wearing John McCain … Continue reading Celebrity Endorsements in Politics: Helpful or Hurtful?