When Is The Best Time To Post?

When is the right time to post on social media? A question that is constantly asked by most social media users.  At my internship, I'm in charge of everything social media and I'm always hesitant as to when exactly should i post information on the different social media channels. As i continue to partake in … Continue reading When Is The Best Time To Post?

When Personal Profiles Should Stop Being So Personal

At what age did you get your first Twitter account? How about Facebook, MySpace, Bebo? Think back to some of your earliest posts, or maybe even a post from last week. Were you quoting the latest rap song or networking with potential employers? Some students often miss the transition from college kid to aspiring professional … Continue reading When Personal Profiles Should Stop Being So Personal

The Rebirth of Social Networks

By now I’m sure we are all too familiar with the life cycle of most social networks. Typically, it is short and sweet. While social networks fade into the background everyday, there aren’t as many stories of them making a comeback. Over the past week, however, two social media platforms have announced some big changes … Continue reading The Rebirth of Social Networks

Twitter + Video = PR Pro Heaven

For years now, Twitter has been a go to platform and service for PR professionals. It took a while, but we managed to master the 140 character press release, the Twitter media list, and making all of our tweets retweetable. But now, Twitter has upped the ante once again and this time it seems they have PR … Continue reading Twitter + Video = PR Pro Heaven

Who “Owns” Social Media?

Understanding which umbrella social media falls under in an organization is often debated between marketing, PR and customer service teams. There are companies with excellent customer service social media accounts, such as Comcast and Verizon, and there are even more companies with great social media accounts run by marketing and PR teams. So, what is … Continue reading Who “Owns” Social Media?

How To Host A Contest On Instagram

I have a confession to make; I am completely addicted to Instagram. Over the past 6 months, the free photo-sharing social network app has become bigger and better than ever. After being acquired by Facebook in early September, Instagram now has over 80 million registered users. Free photo-sharing social networks apps are growing in popularity … Continue reading How To Host A Contest On Instagram

Know Your Digital Identity

It's very comforting to hide behind clever Twitter handles and privacy settings, but how comfortable can you be online? Potential employers want to know more about you than a few well written paragraphs in a cover letter and a distinguished resume. They want to know more about the recreational you. While it can be argued … Continue reading Know Your Digital Identity