Killin’ that Snapchat Game

Two weeks ago was spring break, and I was able to spend half of it in beautiful, warm Los Angeles; where even though it rained it was still a million times nicer than the frozen tundra of the East Coast. A little while after landing, I opened my Snapchat app and noticed a new story … Continue reading Killin’ that Snapchat Game

The Ice Bucket Challenge: What it Has Done for ALS?

Lately, it’s been virtually impossible to scroll through your newsfeed on any social media outlet without coming across at least a few clips of friends and celebs alike doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. The trend is so popular, in fact, that it now has its own Wikipedia page explaining the origins and unofficial rules. It … Continue reading The Ice Bucket Challenge: What it Has Done for ALS?

Who Run the Social Media? Girls.

Social media sites are constantly changing and constantly growing. As new sites are developed, women set the pace for the popularity the site will gain. More women over men tend to not only try out new social media site, but also become regular visitors. When it comes to the variety of social media sites, women … Continue reading Who Run the Social Media? Girls.

What’s Your Social Media Personality?

This is a little bit like the quizzes you find in the back of a Seventeen Magazine. What kind of social media personality are YOU? Check all that apply. PR Daily posted this infographic that breaks down the type of people who are using social media, and it's pretty spot-on. Most PR students and professionals … Continue reading What’s Your Social Media Personality?