SnapChat Evolution

The SnapChat evolution began in September 2011. Since then, SnapChat has become one of the most powerful apps to reach 13 to 34 year-olds – the coveted millennial and generation Z audiences. Originally, SnapChat was known as a “sexting app” because the pictures and videos that users sent would disappear after a couple seconds. However … Continue reading SnapChat Evolution

Killin’ that Snapchat Game

Two weeks ago was spring break, and I was able to spend half of it in beautiful, warm Los Angeles; where even though it rained it was still a million times nicer than the frozen tundra of the East Coast. A little while after landing, I opened my Snapchat app and noticed a new story … Continue reading Killin’ that Snapchat Game

Is Snapchat the Next Social Media Platform?

When you think about social media nowadays, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram probably come to mind first and foremost. And you wouldn't be wrong, these 3 giants have dominated the world of social media for the last few years. But, as technology and trends evolve, we must consider new and different forms of reaching our publics. … Continue reading Is Snapchat the Next Social Media Platform?

Branding in a Snap

There are certain platforms that come to mind when you think of media used for branding- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and...Snapchat? This photo messaging app is the newest way the younger generation is communicating with each other and how brands are beginning to communicate with their consumers. A few big name companies like Taco Bell, GrubHub, … Continue reading Branding in a Snap