How To Host A Contest On Instagram

I have a confession to make; I am completely addicted to Instagram. Over the past 6 months, the free photo-sharing social network app has become bigger and better than ever. After being acquired by Facebook in early September, Instagram now has over 80 million registered users. Free photo-sharing social networks apps are growing in popularity … Continue reading How To Host A Contest On Instagram

Remedies for the Common QR Code Mistakes

Times are changing and so is the way businesses are interacting with their customers. Traditional TV commercials and radio spots are still utilized by companies worldwide, however newer and more innovative mediums are growing increasingly popular. QR (Quick Response) codes, originally created in Japan to keep track of automotive parts, have become the latest trend … Continue reading Remedies for the Common QR Code Mistakes

Google One Pass

Google has taken a subtle stab at Apple. The internet search giant unveiled One Pass, its new Android prescription model. One Pass is a direct competitor to Apple's recently launched App Store subscription service. Without directly announcing its new product is meant to compete with Apple, Google has designed a service that will surely outdo … Continue reading Google One Pass