Senioritis: The Motivation Killer

If you're a senior graduating in a barely a month like me, you've probably got a particularly bad case of senioritis. I prefer to choose sleep or leisure over class, socializing over homework, and general laziness over everything. But while I might prefer to choose all the more fun aspects of college life over the … Continue reading Senioritis: The Motivation Killer

Why being a second semester college senior feels the same as Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar

As I watched the Oscars from my hotel room in Cancun, I knew that this was a special year. Not only because the Oscars were being streamed in Cancun in English—but tonight was the night that Leonardo DiCaprio could finally win an Oscar after trying for his entire acting career. I was very excited for … Continue reading Why being a second semester college senior feels the same as Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar

"Do You Have Any Job Prospects Yet?"

It’s funny how you hear stories about how going to a family holiday party when you’re older is a horrific experience full of questions like, “Are you dating anyone?” or “How old are you now?”  But if you are a senior like me, then you can relate to hearing the most terrifying question of all…”So, … Continue reading "Do You Have Any Job Prospects Yet?"

The Best Way to Successfully Negotiate A Salary

You just applied, interviewed, and were offered a new position that you couldn’t be more excited about. But after taking a look at the current salary offered, you decide that it may be in your best interest to try and ask for a little bit more. However, negotiating a salary can be a difficult and … Continue reading The Best Way to Successfully Negotiate A Salary

A Checklist For Seniors

As the summer winds down, I can’t help but reflect on the fact that I will be entering my final year of college. Just as many freshman entering college for the first time set goals for getting involved, trying new things and making an impact, it is crucial for seniors to have a similar mentality. … Continue reading A Checklist For Seniors

Taking Advantage of Senior Year

The summer is quickly coming to an end, and like always, that means it’s time to return to campus and start an exciting new year. For many of us, this time of year is especially thrilling because we are finally seniors! It seems like our journey to graduation has only just begun, but now there … Continue reading Taking Advantage of Senior Year