PR Opportunities in London

Obtaining a degree in Public Relations is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a six week study abroad program in London, England and it is here that I realized Public Relations is an occupation that one can practice outside of the United States, something that I definitely wouldn’t mind … Continue reading PR Opportunities in London

Making Your Degree Count

p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } Graduation season is upon us again, and many future PR professionals are celebrating earning a degree in public relations or a communications-related subject. After spending four or more years working toward their degree they hope they’ve … Continue reading Making Your Degree Count

Paying Homage and Moving Forward

While everyone on PRowl's executive board will be posting their goodbye blogs this week, I have the even more difficult task of saying, see you later, to all of them. Some of them I have only known for a year, others have helped me grow from the very beginning. I wanted to take the … Continue reading Paying Homage and Moving Forward

Tips for Acing Your Next Presentation

As college classes come to an end, many of us have just a few things standing between us and the end of the semester, namely final exams and presentations. For Communications and PR students, these presentations may be some of the last of our college careers but will probably not be the last of our … Continue reading Tips for Acing Your Next Presentation

Social Media Education

Most people utilize various social media sites several times a day. Some use Facebook to interact with their family and friends while others check Twitter for current news stories. However, there is an educational component to most social media sites that many people may not realize.Last week, Skype released a program called Skype in the … Continue reading Social Media Education

Temple PRSSA Alumni Panel

Yesterday during Temple PRSSA's general meeting, members were given the opportunity to ask questions to former chapter members who have found great success in their post-graduate careers. The panel featured former PRSSA presidents Lindsay Bues (Public Relations Coordinator at Philabundance) and Jessica Lawlor (Internal Communication Coordinator at Cancer Treatment Centers of America) as well as … Continue reading Temple PRSSA Alumni Panel

Good luck!

Good luck on the first day of classes tomorrow from PRowl Public Relations! Here are some tips to get your semester started off right:Set goals for yourself. Setting goals helps keep me focused and helps me monitor my progress on a personal level.Make sure you keep your planner up to date. Using your planner early … Continue reading Good luck!

Gary Yoshimura scholarship

Are you a determined, persistent and focused student who is dedicated to the field of public relations? Do you have a financial need? Is your GPA 3.0 or above? If so, you may qualify for PRSSA's Gary Yoshimura scholarship.Gary Yoshimura was said to be a "consummate professional" who was fiercely dedicated to public relations and … Continue reading Gary Yoshimura scholarship

Is College the Right Time to Travel Abroad?

Each year, over 200,000 American students study abroad in foreign locations. Although most students would jump at the chance to learn in another country, there are a lot of factors that could weigh into that decision, especially when it comes to school.As for me, I have known that I would be studying abroad since I … Continue reading Is College the Right Time to Travel Abroad?

New Jersey School Buses May be Next Stop for Advertising

Pending its legislative fate, a bill could allow New Jersey school districts to raise money by selling advertising space on school buses.It has been proposed that the school districts would put half of the money generated from the advertising toward transportation costs and the other half toward any other areas school district officials saw fit. … Continue reading New Jersey School Buses May be Next Stop for Advertising