How To Wow Them With Your Resume

The job market never manages to lose its edge for competition. As many prepare for college graduations and searching for full time positions, that competition becomes even more evident. When everyone else seems just as prepared, qualified and equipped as you are, making yourself stand out can be a challenge. Especially when all you have … Continue reading How To Wow Them With Your Resume

Free Tools to Create an Infographic

Long gone are the days of having to be a professional designer to create or design something visual. With the advancement of technology there are various free tools and methods to assist non professionals on creating something brilliant. Nowadays, people tend to gravitate more towards visuals rather than written items or articles. With that being … Continue reading Free Tools to Create an Infographic

The Resume: Traditional or Creative?

First impressions are very important when it comes to interviews. When hunting for a job, that first impression is your resume. The resume is a quick summary of yourself that determines whether or not you will secure an interview. In the “old days” (that were not too long ago) people would apply for jobs using … Continue reading The Resume: Traditional or Creative?