How to Handle Rejection

I'm not talking about getting turned down for a date--you'll have to go to another blog for advice on that one. I'm talking about job rejection. Whether you're about to graduate and applying for your first full-time position, you're an eager student applying for summer internships, or you're just looking to make a career change, … Continue reading How to Handle Rejection

Five Reasons Why Your Press Release Was Rejected.

In the PR world, writing a perfect press release and getting your story covered is an achievement every PR professional works towards. Writing a well worded press release definitely has a major role to play in getting your story covered but there are other elements that add to the perfection of a press release. Everyday … Continue reading Five Reasons Why Your Press Release Was Rejected.

How To Deal With Rejection

Learning how to take rejection well is a skill every aspiring public relations professional needs to know. Having "thick skin" is a much sough after trait in this industry. Not being offered a job, being continuously shot down by the media and being critiqued by colleagues and clients can be really tough to handle. In … Continue reading How To Deal With Rejection