"Do You Have Any Job Prospects Yet?"

It’s funny how you hear stories about how going to a family holiday party when you’re older is a horrific experience full of questions like, “Are you dating anyone?” or “How old are you now?”  But if you are a senior like me, then you can relate to hearing the most terrifying question of all…”So, … Continue reading "Do You Have Any Job Prospects Yet?"

Above All, Love What You Do

If you were to picture your perfect future, what would it be? Money Happiness Family Travel These are just a few things that might come to mind. In my perfect future, I spend every day doing a job that I LOVE to do. Whether it's 9-5 or 24/7, as long as I truly enjoy what … Continue reading Above All, Love What You Do

Tips for a Successful Phone Interview

Phone interviews are often one of the first steps on the road to finding a job or internship. Sometimes the calls come from someone in human resources for the company you're applying to and sometimes they come right from the person in charge of the position. Phone interviews are generally scheduled ahead of time, but … Continue reading Tips for a Successful Phone Interview

How to Deal with a Bad Boss

If you've never had a boss that you considered bad, you're a very lucky individual. I've been working since I was 15 at a variety of jobs so I've encountered a few.  Sometimes they down-right don't know what they're doing and sometimes they're selfish and mean. Other times they're nice people, they just don't have … Continue reading How to Deal with a Bad Boss

Intern vs. Employee: Whose Job is Harder?

You might think there is an obvious answer to this question and wonder why I'm bringing it to debate at all.  It seems like a no brainer, why would a part-time (or even full-time) intern have a harder job than someone actually employed by the company? Let's break it down: Employee 40 hour work week … Continue reading Intern vs. Employee: Whose Job is Harder?

What’s Your Social Media Personality?

This is a little bit like the quizzes you find in the back of a Seventeen Magazine. What kind of social media personality are YOU? Check all that apply. PR Daily posted this infographic that breaks down the type of people who are using social media, and it's pretty spot-on. Most PR students and professionals … Continue reading What’s Your Social Media Personality?

Make the Most of Your Winter Break

The countdown has officially begun (26 days!) to the end of the semester.  No more tests, no more 8 a.m. classes, and no more homework keeping us up all night. Winter break is right around the corner and everyone is looking forward to a couple weeks of rest and relaxation. Between the snowball fights, holiday … Continue reading Make the Most of Your Winter Break

How to Become a News Junkie

We are supposed to live, breathe, eat, and sleep the news.  This can be tricky when you have a 9-5 workday, classes, or internships to balance and during your free time you probably don't want to crack open a newspaper or flip away from the Food Network. The top reasons I've heard that people don't … Continue reading How to Become a News Junkie


We've all been followed by Twitter accounts that are clearly just following massive amounts of people in order to get followed in return.  That is definitely not the way to build a quality Twitter audience, which is important to have in a field like public relations.  These articles from Social Media Examiner and Media Bistro seem to … Continue reading #TwitterFamous

Media Relations Myths

After reading this article on PR Daily, I will never look at media relations the same way.  The author points out three major misconceptions that people have about pitching to the media: 1. It's all about who you know. I've always been told that connections will make or break your career, especially in public relations.  … Continue reading Media Relations Myths