Easy as Pie: How to Create a Blog Part 3

Brand & Promotion The best part about blogging is its cost: free. It also allows for easy self-promotion. Creating a blog will allow you to market yourself to employers with an online portfolio of your writing and resume. However, the hardest part about blogging is promoting it to your audience. Social media is the best … Continue reading Easy as Pie: How to Create a Blog Part 3

Tips to Promote New iPhone Applications

To start off the spring semester, I received an internship to promote and market a new iPhone application called Memento.  Memento is an application used to share private videos to individual contacts while incorporating captions and filters.  Creatively, there is a new update that allows users to also save those videos to a playlist where … Continue reading Tips to Promote New iPhone Applications

The End of New Music Promotion?

Shortly after midnight on Thursday, December 12th, Beyoncé dropped her fifth album, “Beyoncé,” completely unannounced. On iTunes, 14 songs and 17 videos suddenly appeared with no prior promotion. Earlier that same week, when asked about what’s to come in 2014, the Chairman of Columbia Records, Rob Stringer said, “Obviously, at some point, Beyoncé will put … Continue reading The End of New Music Promotion?

Promote Your Blog–For FREE!

Blogs have become an extremely important part of public relations, media, and online interaction. There are many blogs that have tremendous following and can have a great impact.  As blogs have become more relevant, it seems that everyone wants to start one.  Since this is the case, it's important to set yourself apart from the crowd. You … Continue reading Promote Your Blog–For FREE!