The Secret to Being the Best PR Professional: Know Your Story

What’s your story? This past Saturday, professionals from all over the country were invited to share their experiences in the field of public relations at PRSSA’s annual National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Professionals from Coca-Cola, GM, Ignition, The American Red Cross, and many more gave advice and answered the questions of more than 1,200 students … Continue reading The Secret to Being the Best PR Professional: Know Your Story

I Hate my Internship…Now What?

Excelling academically is incredibly important in college, however, gaining professional experience for your resume is just as crucial. Many students rush to find internships by time they are sophomores or juniors, and many times, they get great experience and knowledge that will help them in their future careers. But what happens if you don’t like … Continue reading I Hate my Internship…Now What?

Email Etiquette

When working in the communications field, it is impossible to avoid sending emails all day long. Some are to co-workers and can be more casual but others need to be professional for media outreach or to clients. It is very important to learn email etiquette now when emailing professors and potential employers and to carry … Continue reading Email Etiquette

4 Tips For The Final Stretch of Your Internship

It's the last day at your internship. Now what? (Source) 1. Don't forget your portfolio pieces! You've worked hard for the last three months, take your hard work with you! Be sure to take a few extra minutes to think back and create a list of all of the tasks you've completed over the course … Continue reading 4 Tips For The Final Stretch of Your Internship

Get Inspired by a Story

Storytelling is a part of your everyday life - more than you realize. Talking to friends, calling your parents, answering a question in an interview, we all share stories as a form of communication and reflection. First Person Arts is Philadelphia's premiere storytelling non-profit, focused on using documentary and memoir art to reflect, learn, and … Continue reading Get Inspired by a Story

Office Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

It’s easy to get comfortable in an office setting when you have worked (or interned) there for more than a few months. Although there are benefits to feeling relaxed and in control at your workplace, it can lead to mistakes that you may not even realize you are making: 1. Developing a Core Lunch Crowd: … Continue reading Office Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Skills: ????

You've mastered your resume. All of your internships, jobs, and volunteer-work are perfectly formatted and described. You even designed a brand new header for yourself! But there's still one little section at the bottom that you just can't seem to figure out: skills. You certainly have skills, but what is best to put down when … Continue reading Skills: ????

Dressed to Impress (In the Hot, Hot Heat)

During the summer, I think we can all agree that "business casual" begins a little more difficult. Your skirt is skinning to your skin, your blazer is completely useless, and those black men's dress shoes are attracting the sun right to you. Commutes become a nightmare as you walk into the office with your hair … Continue reading Dressed to Impress (In the Hot, Hot Heat)

When Personal Profiles Should Stop Being So Personal

At what age did you get your first Twitter account? How about Facebook, MySpace, Bebo? Think back to some of your earliest posts, or maybe even a post from last week. Were you quoting the latest rap song or networking with potential employers? Some students often miss the transition from college kid to aspiring professional … Continue reading When Personal Profiles Should Stop Being So Personal