How to set goals then follow through

When it comes to being productive, it can be frustrating. Sometimes you just can’t find the motivation to steer away from your Netflix addiction or even get out of bed. But being productive is an important part of life, especially if you want to be successful. How do you find the motivation to be productive? … Continue reading How to set goals then follow through

Why winter break for a college senior is no break at all

As finals near and winter break seems closer than ever, I remember that I cannot spend the entirety of that month in bed asleep. Why? Because I am a college senior who is looking to be employed come May. This plethora of free time that has not been seen in months should definitely be put … Continue reading Why winter break for a college senior is no break at all

10 Tips on staying productive during winter break

After final exams, most of us are ready to curl up in bed with a mug of our favorite winter drink and binge watch our favorite Netflix series all day. That is, until the night rolls around and it’s time to head to our hometown’s local pub to catch up with high school friends. Relaxing … Continue reading 10 Tips on staying productive during winter break

Too blessed to be stressed

As we approach our fourth week of school and our internships and organizations begin to take off, some of us may already be feeling the build up of a stressful semester. A new semester means new opportunities to do well and succeed, but when stress starts to become too much, it’s time for us to … Continue reading Too blessed to be stressed

Don’t just be busy, be productive

Classes kick off for Temple University, and many other schools tomorrow. For me, and all the other workaholics out there, it’s great to be getting back to a structured schedule and workday. For a lot of other people, though, they’re dreading getting back into the swing of things. It’s easy to get caught up in … Continue reading Don’t just be busy, be productive

Creating a productive environment

Summertime is when we prepare ourselves for the upcoming fall semester. Big plans are coming our way! The summer season may be challenging if you are dealing with a job and/or an internship, but nothing compares to a full workload of classes, work-study, another job, on-campus organizations, and maybe even an internship. Responsibilities can be … Continue reading Creating a productive environment

4 Apps To Encourage Productivity

Public relations professionals are always on the move. Our desks usually end up traveling with us in the forms of smartphones and tablets, which allow us to always be tuned in and accessible. There are always emails to be sent, read and replied to; growing to-do lists to make our way through; and tons of … Continue reading 4 Apps To Encourage Productivity

Staying Productive While Working From Home

With the rise of virtual internships and more and more companies allowing their employees to telecommute, creating a productive atmosphere at home is becoming essential. For students, having the option to intern virtually saves time (and sometimes, money) and makes it easier to handle your on-campus responsibilities while still earning internship experience. Still, a home … Continue reading Staying Productive While Working From Home

Make it a PRoductive Summer

Happy summer! It’s incredible to see the dramatic difference in our availability as students when you eliminate a full class schedule. Perhaps you’ve made plans to intern, travel, or work this summer, or perhaps you’ve made plans to simply relax! Either way, it’s easy to incorporate PR building into your summer season. Here’s a few … Continue reading Make it a PRoductive Summer

10 Steps to a More Productive Day

This infographic from Lifehack offers great tips on getting more done throughout the days. It all starts with a simple list. Listing the tasks you're hoping to accomplish makes it easier for you to prioritize. Whenever I make my to-do lists I always put the due date next to my tasks so I can make sure … Continue reading 10 Steps to a More Productive Day