Innovating Your Writing

Superior writing skills are a PR professional's bread and butter. Everything that we do stems from the ability to use and manage language. Whether it be writing a news release or designing content for a social media plan, strong writing skills can be found at the core of almost any assignment. It is not uncommon … Continue reading Innovating Your Writing

How To Improve Your Writing

It is hard to believe the fall semester is already underway. Assignments, essays and other homework is starting to pile up. For many PR students, these assignments will consist of writing, writing and more writing! Personally, I always seem to, in the three short months of summer, completely forget how to write. Writing is hard work. … Continue reading How To Improve Your Writing

5 Ways To Prevent Writer’s Block

Public relations and writing go together like math and science, you can't do one without encountering the other. But when it's time to write that perfect pitch or media advisory, writer's block is the last thing you want to deal with. Here are 5 quick and easy tips to prevent writer's block:1. Write Daily: If you … Continue reading 5 Ways To Prevent Writer’s Block

PR Writing: Revamping Your Quotes

A big part of writing the most effective press release you possibly can, is including quotes. Quotes are your chance to back up your words with a credible source and to even give a more personal touch, something that is not normally encouraged in news writing. Check out the following tips to improve your quotes:Trash … Continue reading PR Writing: Revamping Your Quotes

Downsizing Your Boilerplate

Let's cut to the chase, PR pros love to ham it up in the boilerplate area. It's the place where we can push in all of the not-so-newsworthy info about our client. But by doing so, are we doing more harm than good? Below are 3 reasons your boilerplate should be shorter.It costs less: I … Continue reading Downsizing Your Boilerplate

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I love a good headline. Whenever I sit down on Sunday nights to write my weekly blog posts, the first thing I do is try to think about a witty or catchy headline. However, in my News Writing & Media Relations class, I'm starting to find myself struggling over what kind of title to go … Continue reading Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Newsworthiness: Lessons from First Year PR Writing

Right now I'm in the middle of my first PR writing class, ever. So far its proven to be challenging, but in a good way. My professor is Dale Wilcox, who actually doubles as a PR pro when he is not molding minds in AP Style. Lately, he's been assigning us to write short news … Continue reading Newsworthiness: Lessons from First Year PR Writing

AP StyleGuard: The Magic Solution for Writing in AP Style?

Last week the Associated Press released new “StyleGuard” software, which acts as a system to check for AP style mistakes in Microsoft Word documents. When I heard this, I was in shock, as well as many PR students probably are, that the idea had not been thought of before! This application could be the perfect … Continue reading AP StyleGuard: The Magic Solution for Writing in AP Style?