Three Non-traditional Takeaways from TU Invitational 2016

Temple PRSSA held their third annual TU Invitational on Saturday, Mar. 12. TU Invitational is a one- day, regional conference focused on public relations, marketing and the communication industry. It offers a variety of guest speakers to attendees, as well as a networking session with professionals from the region at the end. The theme this … Continue reading Three Non-traditional Takeaways from TU Invitational 2016

Deadpool: PR Professional

For those who've been living under a rock these past few months, Deadpool, or the Merc with a Mouth, is a hilarious, no-holds-barred comic book hero who has a new movie coming out this Friday, February 12, starring Ryan Reynolds. And the marketing of the movie has perfectly reflected the character, who's known for breaking … Continue reading Deadpool: PR Professional

Editorial Calendar Basics

Editorial calendars are a GREAT resource for PR pros. An editorial calendar is a calendar that magazines, some newspapers and publications use to schedule what topics they will be covering during what day, week, or month. For example, if you are the PR coordinator for an organic beauty company, you can use Cosmopolitan Magazine's editorial … Continue reading Editorial Calendar Basics

Is Penn State’s THON now a PR Tactic?

It has been quite the year for Penn State with Jerry Sandusky’s sex abuse charges and the death of Joe Paterno. From a human perspective, it has been a year full of tragedy but from a public relations stand point, it has been a year of crisis management. Everyone’s question: Can Penn State recover?While the … Continue reading Is Penn State’s THON now a PR Tactic?

Dear Netflix:

Since Netflix first launched, it has been the college students best friend. You can rent new releases on DVD while still watching endless episodes of The Office, all for one convenient price. That is, until this past Tuesday. Starting September 1st, Netflix users will no longer be able to bundle unlimited DVDs and streaming. Instead, … Continue reading Dear Netflix:


The PR department of McDonald's had some serious explaining to do after a recent hoax that occurred last weekend. A picture of a seemingly authentic looking memo hit Twitter and spread rather quickly. The memo stated, "As an insurance measure, due in part to a recent string of robberies, African-American customers are now required to … Continue reading #SeriouslyMcDonald’s?

Dove’s Not-So-Clean Ad Campaign

Nothing illustrates the power of the blogosphere more perfectly than a textbook PR dilemma. The Dove soap brand recently came under fire for a national ad that many claim to be racist. Before I delve into the crisis, take a glance at the ad for yourself: See anything questionable? The ad is for Dove’s VisibleCare … Continue reading Dove’s Not-So-Clean Ad Campaign

@LanceArmstrong vs. 60 Minutes

On Sunday the 22nd, 60 Minutes premiered its weekly episode in which Lance Armstrong was featured. Armstrong has been accused in the past of using performance enhancing drugs in order to accomplish his seven Tour de France wins. The 60 Minutes episode was no exception. In response to the expose, Armstrong tweeted the following:“20+ year … Continue reading @LanceArmstrong vs. 60 Minutes

Rookie Mistakes

It didn’t take long for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s 25-year-old press secretary to run into trouble with the media. Tarrah Cooper, a graduate from the University of Missouri’s journalism school, might be in a bit over her head, according to Chuck Goudie, the chief investigative reporter at ABC 7 News in Chicago.Recently, Goudie posted a story … Continue reading Rookie Mistakes

Why Public Relations is a Great Industry for All Genders

It is hard to ignore the dwindling amount of men within the public relations field. What once was a male industry has transformed in to a business primarily consisting of females. According to the PRSA salary survey, 70% of public relations practitioners are women. During the spring 2011 semester, I participated in an independent project … Continue reading Why Public Relations is a Great Industry for All Genders