Welcome To Our New Spring 2014 Staff Members!

The semester has officially commenced! PRowl held it's first weekly meeting yesterday afternoon with many returning faces along with a few new ones. Everyone seems extremely excited to begin work with our new as well as returning clients. After such a successful meeting, I am really looking forward to a fun-filled semester. I would like … Continue reading Welcome To Our New Spring 2014 Staff Members!

5 Experiences You Can ONLY Get In A Student Run Firm!

Student run PR firms provide students with real world experiences before many students even accept their first internships. I was lucky enough to be hired at PRowl PR my first semester at Temple, and the experience has been invaluable. With PRowl PR interviews right around the corner, it seemed appropriate to share some experiences that … Continue reading 5 Experiences You Can ONLY Get In A Student Run Firm!

Optimize Your Blog Post

Whew, the hard part is over, you wrote the most exciting and informative blog post, now what? Even if your blog has a reputation and a prestigious following, your post may not be getting enough promoted attention.  Branding oneself through blogs is highly important for an aspiring PR professional. Future job and internship opportunities are … Continue reading Optimize Your Blog Post

Transferable Skills: A PR Essential

As a PR major, it is essential to our success to develop transferable skills. Transferable skills can include anything from good organizational skills to remaining calm under pressure. Luckily for PR students at Temple University, there are a variety of ways to expand this skill set. From internships to student organizations, the possibilities are endless. … Continue reading Transferable Skills: A PR Essential

15 Minute Writing Makeover

Between classes and extracurricular activities our to-do list as PR students may seem never ending, so finding time to work on our writing skills each day can be challenging.However, Samantha Hosenkamp of Ragan.com says you can improve your writing by taking 15 minutes each day to do this challenge:1. Take a minute to brainstorm three … Continue reading 15 Minute Writing Makeover