Learn New Skills to Boost Your Resume

The summer is a time to distress from a hectic school year, take a break from classes and be able to work or intern without having to balance classes, meetings and homework. It is also a great time to learn some new skills and build your resume. Whether you are a public relations, mass communication, … Continue reading Learn New Skills to Boost Your Resume

Getting Savvy with Media Relations: Outside the Office

As is often stressed in the classroom, media relations is a lifeline for any company, client or PR associate to have a successful career and relationship with the public. Many students do not have access to learning the ins and outs of media relations until they take a class or land their first internship, but … Continue reading Getting Savvy with Media Relations: Outside the Office

Networking and sharpening PR skills over the summer without the stress

I don’t know about anybody else, but networking as a student and/or budding professional is kind of nerve-wreaking. There’s the speed networking, the awkward ice breakers, trying to meet people who are way out of your league professionally speaking of course. The other kind of “getting to know people out of your league” is for … Continue reading Networking and sharpening PR skills over the summer without the stress

Skills: ????

You've mastered your resume. All of your internships, jobs, and volunteer-work are perfectly formatted and described. You even designed a brand new header for yourself! But there's still one little section at the bottom that you just can't seem to figure out: skills. You certainly have skills, but what is best to put down when … Continue reading Skills: ????

What Being a Waitress Taught Me About PR

We all had those jobs in high school that funded our impromptu frozen yogurt runs with friends or paid for our car inspections and insurance. However, along with helping us develop important soft skills that we will be using in the professional world for the rest of our lives, these jobs can often teach you … Continue reading What Being a Waitress Taught Me About PR

The Scandalous Side of PR

Okay, I’ll admit it. I am slightly obsessed ABC’s hit drama, Scandal. Maybe it’s the insane plot twists and crazy back stabbing scenarios that keep me hooked. Perhaps it’s the never-ending love saga between Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and the President. Whatever it is, there is one thing I am sure of: when it comes … Continue reading The Scandalous Side of PR

Be Bold, Be Bright, Be You.

It's that time of year again! No, not the holiday season (although we are all excited for that too). It's officially the point in the semester where everyone starts to think about spring internships and even jobs for all you December graduates. So while you're updating your resume and crafting the perfect cover letter, there … Continue reading Be Bold, Be Bright, Be You.

Skills Outside of PR

I recently came across a PR Daily article that listed 9 non-PR skills that every PR professional should have. 1. Management and teamwork experience 2. Financial skills 3. Multitasking abilities 4. Extraneous knowledge 5. Math competency 6. Tenacity 7. Discretion and good judgment 8. Common sense, perception, and intuition 9. Creativity I am lucky enough to … Continue reading Skills Outside of PR

Be More Than a GPA

Upon entering college, students are told from day one not to get distracted from the original goal: go get good grades and land a great job. It is usually assumed that the highest GPA will land the highest paying and most satisfying job. While grades will play a huge role in your academic and post graduate life, … Continue reading Be More Than a GPA

Fabulous PR Skills that Will Never Go Out of Style

With New York Fashion Week coming to an end, we are reminded about our personal styles and what pieces in our closet are classic and timeless. As PR professionals, we also have to evaluate what skills we have under our belts that are also classic and timeless. With these five skills, you can be sure … Continue reading Fabulous PR Skills that Will Never Go Out of Style