5 Ways to Network without Leaving Home

Public relations is, go figure, all about relationships. Between clients, co-workers, potential employers and other PR professionals. Putting yourself out there and creating valuable connections is a critical part of any public relations career journey. These relationships not only assist in sustaining you professionally, but personally as well. No one will understand your long hours, … Continue reading 5 Ways to Network without Leaving Home

Job Hunt: Understanding Office Culture

Whether you're a senior gearing up to begin the infamous job hunt or a current student seeking out the perfect internship to hone your skills, there are so many factors which must be considered. Which city would you like to work in? Are you more interested in social media or media relations? How many hours … Continue reading Job Hunt: Understanding Office Culture

5 Easy Steps To Boost Your Confidence & Credibility

While the old adage "fake it til you make it" may seem a bit cliche, oftentimes our lack of confidence and feelings of inadequacy keep us from reaching our full potential. With college students are prepping to return to class and new graduates are experiencing their first Fall in the work force, there is no … Continue reading 5 Easy Steps To Boost Your Confidence & Credibility

When Personal Profiles Should Stop Being So Personal

At what age did you get your first Twitter account? How about Facebook, MySpace, Bebo? Think back to some of your earliest posts, or maybe even a post from last week. Were you quoting the latest rap song or networking with potential employers? Some students often miss the transition from college kid to aspiring professional … Continue reading When Personal Profiles Should Stop Being So Personal

Four Things You Should Never Do In The Name Of PR

As upcoming professionals in the field of PR, its important you become familiar with these four things you should never do in the name of PR. While reading through the PR for dummies book, they mentioned the following don't do's: 1. Lie or Mislead- The saying "honesty is the best policy" is something us, upcoming … Continue reading Four Things You Should Never Do In The Name Of PR

No One Likes a Know-It-All

"I know everything, I rarely ask questions (because I have all of the answers), and I never have to take notes," said no successful PR professional ever. Professionals in every field always want to come off knowledgable, even when they aren't completely sure of what they're talking about. Seeming as though you're out of the … Continue reading No One Likes a Know-It-All

Eat. Pray. Love: A Healthy Balance for PR Pro’s

Many of us are familiar with the 2010 hit movie Eat, Pray, Love starring the beautiful Julia Roberts on a journey to balance the crossroads in her life. Successful careers often require a “give-all” attitude at any hour of the day. In the round-the-clock field of public relations, maintaining the drive to balance both professional … Continue reading Eat. Pray. Love: A Healthy Balance for PR Pro’s

PR Pros & Journalists: A Love/Hate Relationship

When will the perpetual battle between public relations professionals and journalists finally be settled? It seems as though these two professions are immersed in a constant war zone, but the truth of the matter is… we need each other. I came across the following YouTube video produced for the Public Relations Society of America’s 2007 … Continue reading PR Pros & Journalists: A Love/Hate Relationship

PR Runs On…

Study after study shows that PR professionals consume the most coffee among other professions. One study done in early 2011 ranked PR/Marketing pros in the top 10 of coffee drinkers. Since then, we've upped the ante now ranking a solid number two on the coffee consuming scale. It's no secret that the field of public relations calls … Continue reading PR Runs On…