New Perspectives: Why Every PR Professional Should Consider Applying For A Journalism Internship

For the past two summers, I have been interning at a suburban newspaper in my hometown. As a public relations major, I am often asked why I continue to pursue internships in the journalism realm. I always give the same, one-word answer: experience. It is common for people to overlook how connected journalism and public … Continue reading New Perspectives: Why Every PR Professional Should Consider Applying For A Journalism Internship

What Being a Waitress Taught Me About PR

We all had those jobs in high school that funded our impromptu frozen yogurt runs with friends or paid for our car inspections and insurance. However, along with helping us develop important soft skills that we will be using in the professional world for the rest of our lives, these jobs can often teach you … Continue reading What Being a Waitress Taught Me About PR

The Great Debate: Education vs. Experience

There has been something on my mind lately as I apply for internships and begin another semester here at Temple. Should I be focusing more of my time on internships or my classes? When it comes to getting a job after college, what is valued more in an employee: experience or education? There have been … Continue reading The Great Debate: Education vs. Experience

Getting Real With PR

Remember sitting in your 9th grade geometry class listening to your teacher ramble on about the Pythagorean Theorem as you sat wondering "When am I ever going to use this in real life?” Often times, it can be difficult to learn something if you do not understand its real world application. It is one of … Continue reading Getting Real With PR

Gaining Experience During School, for a Career Path After School

It is extremely important these days to have experience prior to graduating college. There are a number of ways to gain experience during college; studying abroad, interning, volunteering, participating in organizations, working with a mentor, and participating in career networking events, are all ways in which students can gain valuable experience.Many students study abroad to … Continue reading Gaining Experience During School, for a Career Path After School

Staying ‘PR’ focused while Studying Abroad

I have recently been referring to my upcoming semester in Rome as a dilemma- not because I am not looking forward to it (ask anyone, I AM!) but because it is really starting to affect my development and opportunities as a PR major. We all know that experience is key when it comes to working … Continue reading Staying ‘PR’ focused while Studying Abroad

PR Lessons Learned from Paris

This summer I am studying abroad in Paris and Tuesday marked one week since my arrival. Within a week, I have learned a lot, made countless mistakes, have enjoyed many adventures and have stuffed myself full of more bread and butter than one should be allowed to eat in a lifetime. Throughout the highs and … Continue reading PR Lessons Learned from Paris

Paying Homage and Moving Forward

While everyone on PRowl's executive board will be posting their goodbye blogs this week, I have the even more difficult task of saying, see you later, to all of them. Some of them I have only known for a year, others have helped me grow from the very beginning. I wanted to take the … Continue reading Paying Homage and Moving Forward

Final Reminder – PRowl Interviews!

Final reminder - PRowl Public Relations will start interviewing students this Monday, April 25 for the fall 2011 semester! Email Niki Ianni at today to schedule your interview.If you are studying public relations (or a related field) at Temple University and are looking for the opportunity to experience the full-scope of the PR planning, … Continue reading Final Reminder – PRowl Interviews!