2010’s Biggest PR Disasters

Now that it's officially 2011, we can all look back on the best and worst of 2010. This week the Wall Street Journal published an article "Public Relations Learned the Hard Way," in which it looked at some of the biggest PR disasters of last year.Can you name them? It is not surprising to see … Continue reading 2010’s Biggest PR Disasters

A Big ‘Oops’ for Pennsylvania’s Homeland Security

Pennsylvania's homeland security director, James F. Powers Jr., has some apologizing to do. According to an article published on Philly.com yesterday, Powers hired a Philadelphia-based terrorism intelligence firm to monitor activist groups with no history of violence, including anti-war protesters and environmentalists. Two weeks after an uproar from activists and legislators about intelligence bulletins circulating … Continue reading A Big ‘Oops’ for Pennsylvania’s Homeland Security

Philadelphia Housing Authority PR Crisis

Over the past few weeks, the Philadelphia news media has been flooded with headlines about a series of scandals involving Philadelphia Housing Authority Executive Director, Carl Greene. Greene has been under fire about the possible misuse of PHA funds and his failure to notify the PHA board about multiple sexual harassment lawsuits that were brought … Continue reading Philadelphia Housing Authority PR Crisis

PR Disasters

I was introduced recently to a blog that was new to me and thought I'd share it with you too! PRdisasters.com is a blog chronicling "PR disasters, spin doctors, and reputation management gone wrong" written by PR analyst and author Gerry McCusker.Recent posts include "Bush PR man Fleischer to restore Tiger Woods' PR?," "Aussie PR … Continue reading PR Disasters