What’s Your Social Media Personality?

This is a little bit like the quizzes you find in the back of a Seventeen Magazine. What kind of social media personality are YOU? Check all that apply. PR Daily posted this infographic that breaks down the type of people who are using social media, and it's pretty spot-on. Most PR students and professionals … Continue reading What’s Your Social Media Personality?

How ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ Teaches Us About Crisis PR

Much like Charlie Brown and friends, my holiday gatherings never go according to plan. Either the turkey is being burnt or the dogs are getting into someone's leftovers. My family has learned to always plan for the worst. As I waited for dinner to be served yesterday, I happened to stumble upon this PR Daily … Continue reading How ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ Teaches Us About Crisis PR

The TRUTH About Unpaid Interns

Last week, PR Daily posted this article featuring 5 things not to expect from an unpaid intern. The article basically tells internship coordinators and PR pros who will work with these interns to brace themselves. It describes unpaid interns as slackers who won't be motivated to be great interns if they aren't being paid to … Continue reading The TRUTH About Unpaid Interns