Tips from the Experts: Pitching Morning News

This Monday, the Philadelphia Public Relations Association hosted its annual meeting in Old City, Philadelphia. Along with introducing its newest board members, the programming on the agenda included an awesome presentation by CBS3 and CW morning anchor Erika von Tiehl. Erika gave an incredibly eye-opening presentation with tips on pitching your client to morning news … Continue reading Tips from the Experts: Pitching Morning News

Are You Using The Internet To Its Full Extent?

Today, the Internet is one of the most helpful tools a publicist can use.  Recently I heard from a few speakers a few websites that seemed like must-knows for a public relations specialist.  While we are all Facebook, Twitter and Instagram experts, here are some other websites that will be helpful to you and your … Continue reading Are You Using The Internet To Its Full Extent?

Media Relations Myths

After reading this article on PR Daily, I will never look at media relations the same way.  The author points out three major misconceptions that people have about pitching to the media: 1. It's all about who you know. I've always been told that connections will make or break your career, especially in public relations.  … Continue reading Media Relations Myths

Compiling a Media List

The other day I was asked to compile a media list.  I figured it wouldn't be a problem and I would just be able to find all the contacts online, put the list together, and impress my boss with my abilities. (I was wrong). I spent several hours searching around various media outlet websites for … Continue reading Compiling a Media List

3 Tips To Avoid Pitiful Pitches

As a public relations professional, many long office days (and some long nights as well) will be spent researching for and crafting the perfect pitch. Every client wants to be featured somewhere, but it is your job as the professional to find the perfect fit for them. While your client may have ambitions of being … Continue reading 3 Tips To Avoid Pitiful Pitches

How To Reach Out to Bloggers

With the explosion of the internet over the past decade, every PR pro knows that no public relations campaign is complete without blogger outreach. Bloggers target certain niche audiences that may be hard to reach otherwise. Blogs also have a lot more credibility than ads that are paid for. Making strong connections with bloggers can … Continue reading How To Reach Out to Bloggers

What Volunteer Journalism Means For PR Pros

The relationship between the PR professional and the professional journalist has always been one with a give-and-take balance. Public relations professionals pitch stories to journalist who turn those pitches into successful news articles. One professional could not turn a profit without help from the other. But today, when many journalist work for free on blogs … Continue reading What Volunteer Journalism Means For PR Pros

Give & Take: Pitching to Bloggers

Pitching to bloggers can sometimes be unknown territory. With so many different categories and niches of bloggers, how can you pitch effectively and gain the support of the blogging community? Below are 6 things bloggers want from PR pros:The specifics up front: Bloggers read a large volume of content daily, keep your pitch simple. Give … Continue reading Give & Take: Pitching to Bloggers